Getting your tourer ready for Spring (Part Two)

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All In Working Order...

Firstly, it's a good time to check all appliances are working - you don't want to find out something isn't working just as you set off for your first trip of the year. If possible, connect the caravan up to the mains electrics, turn on the fridge and heating then connect the water system up to check all is in good running order. It's also a good idea to check the charger on the van is working and that all the interior lights are too. 

Kitchen Spruce Up...

Once all the checks have been carried out, it's time to turn your attention to tidying up the interior. If the fridge needs cleaning (particularly if you left the door closed over winter), use hot water and a small sponge to wipe off any mould using a domestic anti-bacterial cleanser. The sink, work surfaces and cooker hob can we cleaned with a damp cloth wipe and a anti-bacterial cleanser.

Wipe Away The Winter Dust...

Over the winter months dust collects, so alongside wiping down the worktops you will also need to clean the overhead lockers. A damp cloth can be used to wipe off any form of mould that may have accumulated as a result of your tourer being cold and forming some condensation during its shut-down period, although if you were able to pop the heating on and allow some ventilation, this should be minimal. Check the finish of your furniture as a mild furniture polish with a microfibre cloth will give it a lift if needed. 

Mirrors also attract dust, so a microfibre cloth and a small amount of Autoglym glass polish will have them back sparkling. If you also use this on the interior of the windows too you will be amazed the amount of grime that comes off! 

If you have loose fit carpets take them out and run your vacuum cleaner over them - it's easier to do this outside of the van. Whilst you have the carpets out give the floor a vac using the extension pipe to get into those corners. Run your vacuum extension over the seat cushions too and also in the seat bases. 

Tip: it's a good idea to invest in a small vacuum cleaner that's just for the caravan only which is light and very portable.

And Not Forgetting the Washroom...

Moving onto the washroom, take the toilet cassette out and rinse, adding some of the toilet flushes cleaner. Give the bowl and the hand basin a good clean with warm water and wipe the shower tray and walls with a damp cloth followed by a dry microfibre cloth once the walls have dried.

As a finishing touch give the interior of the van a light spray of air freshener. 

As you go on through the season if you keep on top of some of these jobs there'll be less to do when getting it ready for its lay up over winter. 

We hope you have lots of Lunar adventures this year.