The Lunar story reflects our pride and passion for building caravans that are undoubtedly the best in lightweight luxury touring.

From humble beginnings, co-founders Brian Talbot and Ken Wilcock, named their caravan manufacturing business Lunar following inspiration from the 1969 mission to land on the moon. They knew their caravans were exceptional but couldn't have imagined the size that Lunar has become today. From the flagship Clubman to the legendary little Ariva, through the years the Lunar ethos has remained constant: build lightweight high quality caravans with luxurious interiors. Protecting our heritage and our future has always been paramount. The company was sold to a European manufacturer in the 1990's but it was then a milestone when a management buyout, led by Chairman and CEO, Brian Mellor, was finalised in 2007.

Since the buyout, the innovation applied to both our caravans and our manufacturing has gone from strength to strength. We have made investments in a wide range of new manufacturing equipment and new design software technology. These advancements have become our trademark, setting our caravan collection apart from our rivals.

In March 2011, we were reunited with one of our very first models, a Lunar Saturn, that had toured with a family from Lancashire for over 40 years. This compact two berth was one of the first models we built. The family took delight in touring with this caravan all over the UK from 1969 right through to 2010.

Following a difficult decision in 2011 to finally retire from touring, the family contacted us to see if we could provide a final home for their Saturn which had become a real part of the family. We were absolutely thrilled with this opportunity as the Saturn signifies a Lunar heritage dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.

We are extremely proud of our heritage and it is the drive behind our lightweight luxury innovations for the future.