Parts Supply

Sourcing Parts on a Caravan/Motorhome From 2019 to 2009

If you require parts for your caravan or motorhome, please contact your nearest Lunar dealer who will be able to help you source the item and provide a price. If your dealer can not supply the parts they may be able to advise of suitable stockists.

Sourcing Parts on a Caravan/Motorhome Pre-2008

Lunar Caravans original owners sold the business in 1999 to a Dutch company called Tirus Group. This business unfortunately ceased trading in 2007 and with them went nearly all the parts catalogues, intellectual properties and component stock. The management team of Lunar UK then purchased the business to keep the brand alive but the information inherited was very limited, so we cannot always supply information for products built prior to 2008/9 season as a lot of the records simply don’t exist anymore.

We would recommend your try your local dealer as they may be able to advise of suitable stockists or replacements for the items you require. Alternatively, there are several sites on the internet that specialise on older caravan parts and you may find a supplier for the items you are looking for.

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